Peaceful Kitchen

More than 100 Cozy Plant-Based Recipes to Comfort the Body and Nourish the Soul

Teaching you how to reshape how you eat, one dish at a time, so you can turn the kitchen into your Zen space. With recipes that are both nostalgic and innovative, delicious and nutritious, flavorful and filling. Let’s get cooking!

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A Nourishing cookbook just for you!

I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but I wrote a cookbook! And that wouldn’t be possible without YOU! I wrote this book as a guide to show how you can confidently explore all the incredible and nourishing ways to use plants in every meal.

Food should be delicious and well seasoned, and it should also make you want to be in the kitchen. Whether you are considering a plant-based diet, lead a dedicated vegan lifestyle, or just want some new ways to season and enjoy veggies, Peaceful Kitchen is for you. And it’s all served with a side of the latest evidenced-based research to help you find confidence in the foods you eat.

What You’ll find in this cookbook

  • Over 100 plant-based recipes with a focus on learning to balance your plate using evidenced based nutrition. Gluten-free and nut-free options available!
  • plant-based nutrition guide to help you master your health.
  • Grocery list with all my most commonly used ingredients and meal planning tips.
  • Dietitian and cooking tips to help make the cooking process less intimidating, and more nourishing.
  • Some recipes to get excited about:
    • Mangú Power Bowl with Crispy Adobo Chickpeas and Onions,
    • Peach Upside-Down Baked Oatmeal,
    • Spicy Peanut Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad,
    • Shredded Tofu Tinga Tacos,
    • Wholesome Date and Pistachio Cookies,
    • Dominican Sofrito,
    • and so much more! 

About Catherine

Catherine’s food philosophy comes from a place of understanding that both the world of nutrition and cooking can be intimidating for the average person. Between the latest food that is being fearmongered online and knowing exactly what foods you should be aiming to include more of is stressful enough. That same pressure around food didn’t make the kitchen feel very peaceful to Catherine early on. However, after adopting a vegan diet and needing to relearn her understanding of cooking, she was able to heal her relationship with food, properly fuel herself using evidenced-based nutrition, and find solace in the kitchen. Now, with everything she has learned working with different clients throughout her dietetic career, she wants to bring that same feeling of peace to others and show you exactly how to apply the nutrition information she shares through the use of nourishing meals.

good food creates community and connection