About Catherine

Hi, hello, and welcome! You may have become curious as to who is the one behind the scenes running everything here on the Plant Based RD Blog. And that would be me, Catherine! Super nice to meet you! I’m a Registered Dietitian and plant based enthusiast here to inspire you guys to eat more plants.


When I first started this space back in 2017, I was eager to use it as a library for recipes I loved. It was also a place to store some handouts I created for clients I met with.

Now, I have a mission to help people increase the number of plants on their plate by sharing recipes and my own personal and professional experiences to help those succeed at a plant-based lifestyle for the long term. But…let’s make it easy and fun at the same time too!

Take it one meal at a time. Not every meal will be perfect, and that’s okay. At the end of the day, we are all making progress and doing the best we can.

The Plant Based RD Philosophy

Registered Dietitian

Everything started in 2009 when I first decided to go vegan. Going vegan also made me realize that this space needed more diverse voices like my own to help others gain access to preventative nutrition education. My focus, teach as many people as I could about plant-based eating and meet them where they were. So I decided to switch careers and start my masters degree in Human Nutrition at Drexel University. I then completed a 1200 hour accredited dietetic internship through the University of Houston in Texas.

I passed my Registered Dietitian Exam in September 2015, and since then have worked as an outpatient cardiology dietitian, a grocery store dietitian, corporate dietitian and virtual nutrition counselor since completing my degree. This was about the time I started sharing my food on Instagram. Things started taking off and I was able to make this my full time career sharing evidence-based nutrition articles and lots of plant-based recipes!

What You’ll Find on the Plant Based RD Blog

This space is meant as a safe space for people to explore all things when it comes to veganism and plant-forward eating. We can all benefit from adding more plants to our plates, which in turn helps support the health of our planet.

I help you do that by providing evidence-based nutrition information while also showing you how to apply it to the plates you eat from daily. So grab a bowl, there’s plenty to eat around here!

Why Did I Go Vegan?

Going vegan originally started as a health related issue back in 2009. With many risk factors that run in my family, it made sense to me to try and focus my eating around whole plant foods and it led me to my drive to become a dietitian.

It wasn’t long before I realized what veganism actually is, a means to reduce suffering for the animals, humans and the planet as much as possible. This made me more passionate about teaching others how to make plant based living more accessible and enjoyable.

If I can help you enjoy even just one plant based meal or learn to nourish yourself properly so you can thrive while eating more plants, then I’ve been successful.

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Disclaimer: Although I am a Registered and licensed dietitian, the nutrition and diet information provided on my blog is not to be interpreted as medical nutrition therapy or advice. If you are on any medications for chronic disease or other health issues, please consult your personal registered dietitian or primary health care provider before making any significant dietary changes or stop taking any prescribed medications.