Brown Sugar  Glazed Tofu

Vegan & gluten-free

The ultimate vegan main for your holiday table. This brown sugar glazed tofu is sweet and smoky and surprisingly easy to make! Using the tips from this recipe will also help to make sure that the flavor of your marinade actually gets inside of your tofu.

step 1

Press your extra firm tofu of excess water. Then cut a shallow crosshatch on the surface of your tofu.

step 2

Whisk together your marinade of smoked paprika, gluten-free soy sauce, onions, garlic, maple syrup, mustard and thyme and then coat your tofu in it. Place the marinated tofu in the fridge.

step 3

Remove tofu from marinade and then place whole clove spice into the intersections of the crosshatch.

step 4

Bake your tofu for 20 minutes and then baste with your brown sugar glaze, a combo of brown sugar and brown mustard, then bake again.

step 5

Remove the cloves with a fork and then baste one more time before placing in the oven again to caramelize.

This tofu is a great vegan holiday protein to use as a main dish. It goes great with other traditional sides like stuffing and mashed potatoes.